How Fit Feels


We were approached by Fitness First to develop online content for their Fit is Fearless brand platform. Aiming to challenge the category convention that how you look is more important that how you feel we conducted a unique social experiment that examines the emotional impact fitness has on our lives to show #HowFitFeels. Over a 3-month period we removed fitness from the lives of 3 very fit people and added it to 3 people who had barely set foot in a gym.

The resulting campaign is a 4 part documentary web series in which we interviewed each of the participants throughout the experiment, documenting their highs and lows to see how fitness can transform the way you feel – not just the way you look.

Promoted primarily through digital and social media channels the results have been overwhelmingly positive with 4 million video views across all channels, over 26 million impressions at a 0.23% CTR. This translated into a huge increase in customer leads and conversion, with customer acquisition increasing by 9% since the launch of the campaign.

Client Fitness First
Date 2017
My Role Concept, Art Direction

Along with our on set psychologist, our major assestment for annaylsing the contestant’s physical states was their Bioscore™. BioScore™ is custom built Fitness First product which asseses your physcial wellbeing using a series of general health, fitness and lifestyle tests and analysis. All Fitness First members received access to a free BioScore™ test through the campaign durration.